O-ring replacement set for 1.75mm filament
O-ring replacement set for 1.75mm filament

O-ring replacement set for 1.75mm filament


About us

Drywise serves to create higher-quality industrial 3D prints through the pre-treatment of printing filaments. Drywise was made for users of industrial desktop 3D printers who need on-demand, repeatable and reliable filament drying.

The benefits

Why is filament drying important?  

Hygroscopic FDM filaments tend to absorb significant amounts of moisture from the environment over the course of a few days. Some materials cannot be printed out of the box due to high moisture levels already present in the material. The presence of moisture in filaments can cause visible artefacts during printing, including: poor surface finish, stringing and oozing. Moisture in filaments can potentially cause print failure and potentially affect the mechanical properties of the printed part. As a result moisture sensitive materials need to be dried prior to printing, however without special storage or pre -treatment the print quality can still degrade noticeably, especially during the course of a longer print

Benefits of the Drywise Filament Dryer

As an in-line system, the drywise dryer only dries the part of the filament used for printing, during the 3D printing process as opposed to drying the whole spool. Conventional methods can take up to 48 hours to dry wet filament and can damage the filament spool and/or the filament itself. The filament drying process is pre-calibrated and tailored for every material type, taking out the guesswork required when using traditional drying methods.  

Technical Details


Active Inline Filament Dryer


Technology Fused filament fabrication (FFF) filament pre-processing 


• 4.3” capacitive touch panel
• Guiding LED lights

Filament Path

Guided input and output filament port

Filament Diameter

1.75mm & 2.85mm

Compatible Materials

Nylons and  More

Operating Sound



USB port

Dimensions and Weight

Dryer with Desiccant Container: 590*500*145 mm - 10,5kg
Dryer with Packaging: 690*620*240 mm - 13,5kg


Up to 24 months. T&C apply