3D Promakim’s Journey with Drywise and how they save €12,000 per year by drying Markforged Onyx

3D Promakim

A renowned name in Turkey’s digital production landscape, 3D Promakim offers solutions spanning from Digital Printing to Industrial Additive Manufacturing Systems.

 3D Promakim isn’t just a reseller; they’re a solution provider. With a diverse clientele including giants like Mercedes Benz, Rocketsan, Bosch, and Turkish Aerospace Industries, they’ve cemented their reputation in sectors ranging from automotive to aerospace.

Their mission? To ensure that sectors from automotive to aerospace and defence receive unparalleled technical training, unwavering post-sales support, and a guarantee of impeccable print quality.

The Intricacies of Material Handling

3D Promakim grappled with a complex material management challenge. Each year, over 20 spools of valuable materials were left untouched, primarily because once a spool was opened and not entirely used, it was exposed to ambient conditions. Even brief exposures to humidity, as short as 15 minutes, could compromise the material’s quality, rendering it virtually unusable for high-quality prints.

In their quest to salvage these materials, 3D Promakim explored a plethora of drying solutions. They experimented with various off-the-shelf solutions, from vacuum bags with desiccants to more sophisticated drying techniques. However, these attempts often led to inconsistent results, with the processed material still falling short of the desired quality.

Further exacerbating their challenges, the importation of materials to Turkey presented another hurdle. Customs checks often meant that spools were opened for inspection, exposing them to the country’s humid environment. This seemingly routine procedure, had a cascading effect on material quality.

The combined financial toll of these import-related losses and in-house wastage amounted to a staggering 12,000 Euros annually. But 3D Promakim wasn’t alone in this struggle. Their clientele, many of whom are leaders of industries where precision is non-negotiable, echoed similar challenges. For these clients, any material exposed to humidity for more than 15 minutes was often deemed a loss, highlighting the critical nature of the material handling issue.

Ultimate Material Quality Control

3D Promakim’s dedication to delivering unparalleled quality was being tested. As proud distributors of industry leading Markforged printers and materials, the persistent material handling issues were a significant pain point.

These challenges aren’t just about in-house costs; they are about upholding their reputation and ensuring that their clients, many of whom also rely on Markforged printers, receive consistent, high-quality results. A single compromised print could have knock-on effects, from financial setbacks to potential damage to their hard-earned reputation.

At Formnext 2022 3D Promakim discovered Drywise. More than just an in-line drying system, Drywise represents a paradigm shift in material quality control. It doesn’t just dry materials; it ensures they are in optimal condition for printing, regardless of their initial humidity exposure.

The results of their rigorous testing of six Drywise units were nothing short of transformative.

3D Promakim printing Onyx material on Markforged 3D printer with help of Drywise

The value Drywise brought

With Drywise, 3D Promakim didn’t just find a solution; they found a partner in excellence. It allowed them to uphold their commitment to quality, ensuring that both their in-house operations and the solutions they provided to their clients were of the highest caliber. With Drywise, 3D Promakim achieved:

  • Zero material waste - Zero material waste from in-house projects and imports, saving 12,000 Euros annually.
  • Saving Time - 120 hours per year saved on material handling.
  • Superior print quality - Superior print quality with impeccable surface finish and uncompromised mechanical properties.
  • Savings on equipment -  Elimination of the need for specialized storage and handling equipment.

“Before Drywise, material handling was a time- consuming challenge, with off-the-shelf solutions leading to unreliable results. Drywise streamlined our workflows, saved significant costs, and bolstered our confidence in delivering top-tier print projects on schedule. We now are offering Drywise as the go-to solution for every Markforged customer” Tolga Bolol, Business Development Specialist, 3D Promakim

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“We've been so impressed with what Drywise can do that we've started
using the device for other 3D printers and filaments, such as the carbon
fibre options available with the Bambu Labs range of machines. So far,
the results have been excellent.”

Gerard Shields, Managing Director, Printpool