Compatible materials

The following materials have been tested and approved for use with the Drywise dryer: 


• Covestro (former DSM) Novamid ID 1030 
• Covestro (former DSM) Novamid ID 1070 
• BASF Ultrafuse PA 
• Ultimaker Nylon 
• Polymaker COPA 

 It is essential to use Drywise Pre-Heater (sold separately) to be able to dry the following materials: 

 • Carbon fibre filled nylons 
• Glass fibre filled nylons 
• Luvocom PAHT resin based filaments 
• Other specific materials as instructed by the Drywise UI.


Creating Drying Profiles

Our team needs to evaluate the filament material to create a tailored filament drying profile for said material type. The Drywise dryer uses an array of smart sensors to treat and monitor the humidity levels in the filament. Once the material drying profile is developed this material can be added to the Drywise dryer via a firmware update.
Each filament profile is developed using two test prints, the small pins print (c. 40 minutes ) and the long pins print (c. 7-8 hours ). The small pins print tests the dryer’s static cycle performance while the long pins print tests the dryer’s static and continuous drying performance.