Desiccant Replacement (Pack of 2)
Desiccant Replacement (Pack of 2)

Desiccant Replacement (Pack of 2)

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Ultimate Material Quality Control

Significant Time Savings
Valuable time is gained thanks to the quasi instant drying, a feature of the in-line drying architecture. Further, the pre-calibrated settings for certified materials eliminate guesswork and remove the need to research settings.

Shorter Time to Part
Drying in-line is much more efficient and effective, eliminating prolonged drying times as it dries during printing.

Higher Machine Uptime
No pre planning is needed meaning getting full utilisation of your machines is now possible, more easily.

Lower Energy Costs
Due to the superior drying efficiency. Also, does not require auxiliary devices to maintain the filament in a good state.

Minimized Material Waste
Guaranteed excellent material quality control before and during the print.

Streamlined, Reliable Process
Drywise eliminates uncertainties when it comes to material quality control, respecting the material whilst giving the best performing parts.
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Key Features 

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The in-line design dries only the section of filament to be 3D printed, reducing the amount of work needed.

Smart sensors help to dry the filament to the best 3D printing condition, avoiding any damage to the filament. The in-line design also avoids multiple heat cycles.

User Friendly
A user friendly UI guides the user all the way. Exchangeable and rechargeable desiccant cartridges help to eliminate down time.

Smart sensors detect filament movement and condition and adapt the internal settings accordingly.

The list of certified filaments with calibrated settings is constantly growing.

Any spool format or size can be used with Drywise thanks to the in-line architecture. Drywise is available in 1.75 or 2.85mm versions

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