Press Release - Thought3D’s Drywise Filament Dryer Achieves CE, FCC, UKCA, and ISED Certifications

Malta, April 20th 2023 – Thought3D, a leading research and development company in the additive manufacturing industry, is excited to announce that its advanced 3D printing quality assurance tool, Drywise, has obtained CE, FCC, UKCA, and ISED certifications. These certifications validate the quality, safety, and reliability of Drywise, which will enable the company to expand its market reach across the globe.

In addition to this achievement, Thought3D has established new partnerships with resellers and distributors in several regions, including the US, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, and Southeast Asia. The list of resellers is constantly growing, and these partnerships will enable the company to deliver its high-quality products to a wider audience.

Drywise is a game-changing quality assurance tool that solves the issue of hygroscopicity for nylons and ensures the quality of the material used in 3D printing. The Drywise material roadmap has been expanded to include generic profiles for PLA, ABS, and PETG, as well as specific TPU material. This is available on 2.85mm materials now, and the company plans to expand to 1.75mm materials soon. 

Drywise has been positioned as a 3D printing quality assurance tool, which is a significant shift from its original functionality as a filament dryer. Drywise is now regarded as a tool that ensures the quality of each printed layer and eliminates the need for extensive material pre-processing. The device works with pre-certified materials to ensure the correct treatment of the material during printing, reducing guesswork and enabling consistent, reliable results.

Drywise will be showcased next at the Rapid+TCT 3D Printing Show in Chicago on May 2nd – May 4th at Source Graphics Booth #5159.


About Thought3D

Thought3D Ltd. is a Research and Development company that combines 3D printing, material chemistry, and engineering knowledge to create bespoke products for reliable additive manufacturing. The company is a leader in creating solutions for material pre- and post-processing. In 2014, the company experienced the first layer adhesion problem first-hand and this led to the development of a novel smart adhesive that sticks when hot and releases when cold. In 2021, Thought3D released its new filament drying solution under the brand Drywise. Today, Thought3D produces and sells Magigoo adhesives, Magigoo Coater, and Drywise in-line dryer worldwide through a network of distributors and industry partners. Thought3D aims to enable FFF 3D printing to fulfil its promises by providing a superior user experience and lowering the barrier to entry in 3D printing.

“We've been so impressed with what Drywise can do that we've started
using the device for other 3D printers and filaments, such as the carbon
fibre options available with the Bambu Labs range of machines. So far,
the results have been excellent.”

Gerard Shields, Managing Director, Printpool